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why me
I just don't get it
How can someone say that they like me
Then turn around the next day and completely ignore me
Or perhaps they were just trying to be nice and not break my heart
Too late, it's already been broken too many times before
Someone from my past love has come back into view
Even if it is for only a week
I truly wish that the person that I like now would just feel the same and show it
If only that would actually happen, even though I know it won't
Why are most men asses to me
I just don't get it
What the hell am I supposed to do if I really want to find that one person
The one person that I will spend the rest of my life with
I'm just confused I guess
Oh well, I suppose I should just move on
But why is it so hard?
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 8
What I used to be
what i used to be...
well yeah i was a cutter.
I tried to kill myself.
but then i realized something,
i have a reason to live.
so please,
no more drugs.
no more drinks.
just please let me be.
why don't people get it,
i've changed.
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 8
A Cry for Help
I need someone to hold me close
I feel so lost and alone
A comforting hand and a kind voice is welcomed
I need someone to help me find myself
I've lost my reason for living
Lost all care for the world
Lost something I can't get back
My heart is being ripped apart
I need love to carry on
Love me
Hold me
Comfort me
Help me to save myself
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 21
YOU Are the Weakest Link
We've duked it out, had a battle of strength
We had a battle of wits and brains
It's all come down to this single moment,
The knife hits me dead on target.
A voice is all I hear,
"You are the weakest link."
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 10
Mature content
An Accident :iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 9
Mature content
I am Lady Macbeth :iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 12
i've changed, unbelievable i know
but i've gone from being wild yet content
to being quiet, shy, & reserved; but why?
it happened all of a sudden
i didn't want to talk
i didn't want to move
for i feared i was being judged
in everything i do.
i felt anxious to leave a room
full of friends,
to go and be alone
to read and write
now here i am
the quiet, she, & reserved girl
that no one hears or see's
but somehow, they know i'm there
and ready to help them with their problems
yet i can't solve my own.
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 11
To Judge or Not?
how do you judge a person?
by simply looking at them?
the amout of money they have?
the car they drive?
the way they dress?
do you get to know them?
ask questions?
listen to them?
watch them?
how do you judge a person?
do you even care?
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 7
The Happy Couple
so much for a happy couple
we don't even talk to each other
let alone, see each other
this is too hard
i can't do it again
i've put up with it enough
it's either care or leave
please, i need you to choose
will you stay with me
and work this out
or will you leave,
like everyone else?
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 4
Standard Model?
am i simply the girl next door
or am i the girl of your dreams?
the one you'll marry
or the one you'll leave heart broken?
it's your decision
but choose wisely
there's no other girl like me
but maybe you need a standard model.
one that's average and plain
the opposite of me,
one that's wild and spontaneous
that's somewhat close to what i am.
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 7
You've gotta live, you've gotta laugh out loud
Don't let life pass you by, I promise it won't let you down
Shout to the world, let everyone know you're there
Don't alway's stand in the shadows of you fears.
There's no reason to turn on the light
Darkness can be your friend
No need to be afraid, dear
'Cause everything's alright
There's creatures in the darkness some good and some bad
They can be your friends if you let them into your life
Lose all your fears, throw them away, live your life
No one can stop you, no now not ever. So…
There's no reason to turn on the light
Darkness can be your friend
No need to be afraid, dear
'Cause everything's alright
Face your fears, welcome the darkness
Let everyone know you're alive
Shout out loud for no reason at all
Live how you want to live
There's no reason to turn on the light
Darkness can be your friend
No need to be afraid, dear
'Cause everything's alright
You've gotta live, you've gotta laugh out loud!
There's creatures in the dark some good
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 1
Just Stop
Just stop acting like THE bitch!
Just stop acting cool and shit
Cause you're not!
Don't act like something you're not…
We have a name for people like you
Those that go around being someone
That they really aren't
One word "POSERS!"
You're not cool
You're not the best
You're not a genius
You're not anything except you
So stop acting like this
Quit talking that shit
You're not the princess
You're not the king of the world
Suck it up and deal with it!
Just be who you are damnit!
The last thing we need in this world
Is someone being who they're not.
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 14
Philosophy on Death
Death? Where does it begin?
Does it ever end? I don't know.
All I know is that it happens.
It happens all the time.
People think they're invincible
Then suddenly they're scared
Sacred because they see it
The see death just over the horizon
Others though, they embrace it
They embrace the thought of it
They play with fire
And then cheat death
… I am one of them
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 2
Three Wishes
I've been given three wishes
Three wishes of my own
I don't know what to wish for
Then again, yeah I do
I wish to see true friends again
Because I miss them all so much.
That's just the beginning
I know what else too.
I wish for guidance for all.
Emily needs this the most
But others are also lost
There's one more left and it's the best
I wish he could come back.
Granted he died but I need some answers
Kyle, please forgive me
If I'm disturbing your rest.
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 8
I'm the new kid that's always quiet
The one that people see, yet don't hear
I'd rather sit alone than with you
Yet I sit with you anyways
I told myself I'd be better alone
But something draws me to you
Maybe because you're so like him
So like the person I miss the most
You're so much like him yet,
You're so different as well
It's like you two share a brain
And then have some of your own
It's almost like there are doubles…
I see or hear someone here
And they look and act like all of you
It's funny really
I thought I'd never find anyone else
That could make me laugh like you did
But apparently I have
And I miss you even more
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 7
The world revolves around the sun, not you
However the school population begs to differ
I don't know why. Maybe because you're pregnant?
So, this is life. You gotta deal with it
I want to help you. It's what friends do.
So you got knocked up while drunk? I'm still your friend.
Let everyone keep talking.
It's nothing new to them
F***ed up stuff is always happening here
Everything's gonna be alright, this is life.
:iconkittykat0525:kittykat0525 0 5


May 5th
I was told
That life is cold
That feelings hurt
That life's a flirt
That You must build up walls
To avoid the fall
Protect yourself from it all
That it all just wasn't worth it
They said that love was over rated
Life is drull and overstated
That love and happiness were not related
But look inside and find the child
Find your heart and sit a while
Talk it over discuss some things
Think about all your findings
Life is worth it
Love is worth it most of all
Some people think that love can be described
That love is something that can be transcribed
They don't relize that love just is
Love is an emotion a feeling
It is everything and anything
Love just is
:iconbk12185:bk12185 1 2
2:07 AM
Not awake
Not asleep
I float along
I start to weep
It's dark outside
It's kind of cold
So very quite
So very old
The same things
The same days
The same feelings
The same ways
Not right now
Not tonight
I hate this place
I hate this fight
It's dark inside
It's a metaphor
So very lame
So very done before
The same things
The same days
The same feelings
The same ways
:iconbk12185:bk12185 1 2
Hello my dear mother,
Now I know the pain you went through,
36 hours of pain and suffering,
And yet you still loved me,
Along my life you made mistakes,
You lived almost seventeen years of my life,
I lived four of them in a foster home,
Why did you keep drinking?
I know I was harsh?
But I thought it was for my own good,
When I heard your voice last,
I heard death come from your mouth,
My tears begin to fall,
I didn't want to know,
I wanted to sound strong,
But I wish I had another chance,
I wish this wish would come true,
I have Mallory, but I still need you,
Dad is doing better, his ups and downs,
He is so strong, you would be proud,
Robin is doing well; he's as big as me,
And has a great smile,
I am not strong, I did my job,
I can't stop cracking,
You are my mom; I can't wait to see you,
Watch me please; see my life, read my poems,
We will both just wait in time.
:icondarkandforsakenless:DarkAndForsakenless 1 4
Mature content
My New South :iconhidden8707:hidden8707 7 45
Skipped a Page
Tell me a story where I was the king
Play out the picture like it was a scene
From a movie you've wanted to watch for so long
But words are exed out they must of been wrong
I've grimaced so senseless as I try to find
A story that makes me feel so sublime
Please help me discover what it takes to love
Or at least love me back this love life is rough
Here I go
I'm falling back into the cycle
Where I feel lonely and spiteful
And I am destined to be
A singularity
Here I am
Watching as my other side
In darkness without any light
All the sadness loneliness and rage
But just ignore it skip a page
Wasted so much time drinking down the things
That weighed on my mind gave alcoholic dreams
But it all came back up and made me sick
I couldn't hold it down the liquor was too thick
So jealous and zealous that I have become
Racing to disaster what the hell have I done?
Thinking of days that were long ago
Just wanted to have something I could show
Here I go
I'm falling back into the cycle
Where I feel l
:iconhidden8707:hidden8707 6 66
Mature content
I Gave Her Heart the Finger :iconhidden8707:hidden8707 8 30
The Morning After
The Morning After
The morning after
All that went down
I sit hurt and alone
In self pity I drown
I just want to cry
Scream and yell
But I hold it in
And live in this hell
Pretending to be happy
Put on this act
Bottle my emotions
But my bottle begins to crack
I cant take much more
I don't know what to do
Someone please save me
Someone but who
No one is around
To pick me up when I fall
Dust me off
Help me walk tall
So I walk in shame
Head looking down
So no one can see my eyes
Or my frown
My eyes that once were bright
Have faded with pain and defeat
Now filled with sorrow
And the want to flee
So it's here I hide
In the darkness of my mind
Both a prison and a haven
Where I can't see you and me you will never find
:iconbk12185:bk12185 2 23
Help Me Please
Help Me Please
It seems so right
Yet so wrong
These feelings I have
I've had for so long
Hidden for years
Bottled up in my heart
I try to hide them
But they tear me apart
I need tell someone
I need to release my demons
Set them free
So I can move on
But I don't want to hurt
Anyone near me
So I hold them in
Just a little longer
I hope I can last
That I don't lose it all
But I'm scared
I think I may fall
I wish someone would catch me
From this downward spiral
Before I hit the ground and shatter
Before I crumble
Before I stumble
Before I lose it all
:iconbk12185:bk12185 4 42
Pissed n' Roaring
fucking sun off a bitch
im pissed at the world
I wonder why
rejection seems to be my storng point
then I hear this christian shit on the radio
and I think, who the fuck would listen to this
not anyone in their right mind
theres no fucking prooof he exists
my teachers tell me not to "open that can of worms"
I say kiss my ass, untill you have hard evidence
But, hell no, just cause I go to a catholic school
I gotta believe well I say sorry for you
sorry that in your lifes of many years
your head has become so full of bullshit
its just dieing to come out
so I say not sorry for me or us
but for you
cause you actually believe this shit!
:iconthetank:thetank 6 8
The dark of Soul by apocalipsegen The dark of Soul :iconapocalipsegen:apocalipsegen 1 7
When you want things,
Is there hope?
Do you think you'll get it?
Or are you a dope?
Do you throw a fit?
Was there ever hope?
When things look bad,
And you continue on,
When you gave it all you had,
But all hope seems gone.
Why is it that you don't stop?
Why is it that you don't give in?
Do you really think you will come out on top?
Do you really think you will win?
I will tell you the reason why.
Why our spark never dies.
The reason why we try,
The reason we ignore the lies.
The reason is our hope that's there,
Even if we think its not,
It may seem like thin air,
But there is really a whole lot.
If you're falling down from the sky,
Just hope for wings and learn to fly.
:icontherealking:therealking 2 23
Mature content
My Bloody Ways :icondarkandforsakenless:DarkAndForsakenless 1 3
This war is raging
Will it not end?
It's getting bloody
Many are dead
The shots are raging
From far ahead
You can hear the screams
You can see the dead
You can see the guns
You can hear the planes
The bombs are dropping
Just out of range
Debris is flying
They blew something up
The children are crying
They are hiding in muck
The women are silent
They try and comfort us
The men are wounded
Or fighting in front of us
When will the end come upon us?
All is silent
What had happened?
Is it finally over?
Is everyone dead?
No something is wrong
I feel something against my head
I feel the blood
I see all red
The debris was flying
I had gotten hit
My head was heavy
It could not lift
The women were screaming
They were trying to help
I felt something cool
Then I was knocked out
The planes are roaring
I stand up
The bombs are dropping
All around us
Everyone is here
We are still alive
Problem is we'll soon be dead
The planes are coming
I can see the tanks
The enemy's approaching
They are coming at f
:iconinpayne:inpayne 2 12
In The Back Row...
I drove all the way to Hollywood
Eighteen that is, not Plastic Cali
And I came to the door and
I talked to my friends,
Vampire flicks and popcorn butter
Gum on my shoe but it's all fine
We get to the theater and we look around
"Where do we sit!? What do we do?"
"Hey we sit in the back, yeah we sit in the back,
So if we fuck around, they can't kick us out."
In the back row
Where the assholes sit
You won't know
What we do for shit
I sat through the movie biting my nails
And they all popped off, the glue was weak
Casey was sitting quietly
And I couldn't see anything but the screen
We're the assholes in the backrow seats
And we're making out and flicking you off
"Why don't you kids take it elsewhere?"
"Why don't you fuck off, old man?"
In the back row
Where the assholes sit
You won't know
When we're lit
In the back row
Where the assholes
And you won't no
What we do for shit...
My name is Casie, I'm an asshole
Welcome to my world, hope you like it
My name is Casie, I'm in the ba
:iconvagabondtrv:vagabondtrv 1 4
The Pain
I just can't stand the pain
That calls to me in vain
That always will
Be with me still
Even when I've gone insane.
The pain that I have felt
Came from the hand that was dealt
He called me a whore
As I laid on the floor
Bleed profusely from the welt.
I just can't come out of my shell
I like it in my private hell
It is here that I try
To just lay down and die
But I just seem to come out always well.
The tears that I do hide
Are welled up deep inside
And so I fight
With all my might
That it will go out like the tide.
There is something sitting near
The sound of the shot I do hear
And with the task done
I lay down the gun
And live out the rest of the year.
Finally I am caught
Before the judge I am brought
Accused of a crime
Made to do time
Just because vengeance I sought.
But there, behind prison bars
I bring on myself brand new scars
I cut with the knife
That is taking my life
While I examine the beautiful stars.
If only born perfect I'd been
With the most beautifully bronze colored skin
:icongracefuldv:GracefulDv 1 7




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i'm sooooo fucking sick of people fucking lying to me!


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